GrayGo International Inc

Company Description

GrayGo International makes SlidRite composite laminates for Offshore, On Shore and Downhole applications. SlideRite is self lubricated, offering low friction, long wear life and resists high loads.

SlideRite Composite's are based on specially woven synthetic fabrics that are impregnated with modern resin systems, that are enhanced with proprietary formulated additives. This combination offers superior mechanical and tribological properties.

GrayGo International offers semi-finished materials that are produced in the form of tubes and flat plates. Our modern machine shop is able to produce and to precision machine SlideRite  into custom shapes; spherical, curved, flat or any other shape as may be required. The result is a superior maintenance free plain bearing material, that can operate with or without lubrication.
So wether your application rotates, oscillates, reciprocates or slides SlideRite is the solution for you.


Equipment & Supplies

  • Equipment Supply / Manufacturer
  • Machine and Fabrication
  • Oil and Gas Well Servicing Rigs and Equipment
  • Polymers / Plastics