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Gulf Coast Gas Gathering LLC

Mark Steen

615 N Upper Broadway Ste 925
Corpus Christi, TX 78401-
Phone Number (361) 883-3883 1
Fax (361) 883-3888
Email eadc6bc7-14f8-48dd-a697-6dd985bc41df
Company Description

Gulf Coast Gas Gathering, LLC (Gulf Coast Gas) has been in business since 1984 purchasing and marketing natural gas, natural gas liquids recovered from processing, oil, and condensate.  Located at the backdoor of the Eagle Ford shale in Corpus Christi, Texas, Gulf Coast Gas services its customers, unlike any other marketing company by providing onsite field meetings on locations all across South Texas and the Eagle Ford area.  Gulf Coast Gas also provides administration, nominations and wellhead aggregation, allocation and marketing services in several other states including Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Gulf Coast Gas also has a regulated utility, Gulf Coast Energy, Inc., that maintains the right of an imminent domain in the state of Texas that can save you enormous amounts of right-of-way costs by accessing Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) right-of-way along its jurisdictional Highways.

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